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WELCOME to the all-new Steel Wheels website — NOW MOST OF WHAT WE SELL IS ONLINE!!!

Choose from a vast selection of rare and deleted vinyl, CDs, tapes, promos, posters autographs, and other memorabilia. Stock is added on a daily basis so visit and bookmark the following pages now!!!

Our fully operational eBay store has masses of cheap CDs, CD singles and rare vinyl at crazy "Buy It Now" prices and in auction starting from only 99p!!! Steel Wheels also maintains a large presence as an established amazon seller... check out our amazon.co.uk store for the latest CDs as well as back catalogue items. And our sister amazon.com store features rarities, promos, the curious and the carnal!!!


Our website does NOT include the 75,000 or so other items we have in our Newcastle store. We're working towards combining both store and on-line stocks into one huge database but that won't happen until in the year 2525. If you can't see what you're looking for in our online stores, just contact us direct and let us know!


Following a sabbatical of some two years whilst we concentrated on building up our online presence, Steel Wheels was offered the unique opportunity to return to a 'bricks and mortar' site.

After an unexpected lease extension (and our friends at Beatdown Records' decision to move out) we have once again occupied our flagship store on Vine Lane, Newcastle — albeit in a radically slimmed down format. Having disposed of slow moving stock, and even slower moving staff, the operation is now a strictly family affair, run by the original founder of Steel Wheels, Rob Byron, and his sons, Tom and Jack.

Though 90% of what we sell is still via our online outlets (see left hand column) you’ll be captivated by a visit to our traditional high street store. Wade past the countless 1,000s of constantly updated Promo CDs and our crazy "3 CD albums for £5" sections and you’ll find one of the finest selections of quality vinyl in the country.

And for dedicated crate-diggers we’ve got tons of forever changing vinyl to rake though, starting at just 25p!


We are currently looking for good CD and music-related DVD collections. The bigger the better! We'll also consider music-related books and videos too. If you're in the market to sell give us a call and we'll come to see you. We want the best and for the best we pay top prices, so give us a call now on 07710 330671 to make an appointment or email rob@steel-wheels.co.uk

Whilst as far as CDs are concerned we’ll just about take anything that’s in good condition, we’re a bit more picky when it comes to vinyl. So to save you a wasted journey here’s a list of the vinyl we’re looking to buy right now:

Records wanted: Can Captain Beefheart Kraftwerk Pixies Happy Mondays Bob Dylan Blur Beatles Tom Waits Frank Zappa Oasis Byrds Curtis Mayfield Nick Drake Bob Marley Pink Floyd Buzzcocks Stooges Sex Pistols Stone Roses Radiohead White Stripes Clash Joy Division Doors John Mayall Neil Young Traffic Small Faces Otis Redding Cream Velvet Underground Beach Boys Neil Young Nirvana The Jam Jimi Hendrix Buffalo Springfield Love Jefferson Airplane Smiths Otis Redding Gram Parsons Nick Cave The Fall Neu Love Husker Du Run DMC Sonic Youth Beastie Boys Wire Flaming Lips Pavement Beck The Fall Leonard Cohen Bjork Mercury Rev Rolling Stones MC5 Peter Tosh Aretha Franklin Miles Davis

CDs wanted: We’ll consider just about anything as long as it’s in good condition... whether Pop, Jazz, Rock, Blues, World, Classical, Punk, Metal, Folk, and Opera!


At Steel Wheels we pride ourselves in the quality of our product and service and, to prove it, we have lists and lists of delighted customers from all over the World. In the unlikely event you are anything less than 100% satisfied with your purchase we will give you a full refund including return P&P costs. THERE IS NO BETTER GUARANTEE!!!


You can always get what you want...... We are now offering a unique INTEREST FREE option on all of our autographs and other items over £75. Why not spread the cost of your purchase over 3-4 payments and take home the items you want today!


......and the journey continues! We’ve enjoyed the past almost 20 years of supplying the finest and rarest musical produce to music lovers all over the globe and we hope to continue for at least another 20 years.

Bring on the downloads and whatever else you want to throw at us. The more access people get to music, the better we say. At the end of the day there will always be the collector element, just like us, who want tangible product — whether they’re aged 9 or 90. And we’ll be right there every step of the way — embracing the new technology whilst adoring all the old.

And we’re pleased to say our efforts have not gone unnoticed!!! Here’s just a few of the many accolades we’ve collected en route:

Best Indie
in the UK

Best Record
in the UK

Best Record
in the UK

Best Record
Store in
NE England

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